"Malia Morton "    16"x20"     2019


      "Urhiah"  1998

"JoJo "     16"x20"    1981

Lamar and Apollo    2015  30"x54"

Paul Mulhaney  Mayor   1981

"Lamar"  1988

William Waldell  the last remaining  Buffalo soldier.    I was fortunate to paint his portrait and visit with him just before his death in 2007

             "Evelyn Morton"  1995  Mom

Mr.  Kennedy  16"x20"  1975

Brian Ford 16"x22"   1989  English Professor Westminister , Conn.

Hawaii Judge  Tacayo  32"x32"  1993

 Leonet   18"x18"   2000                                     

Jean Pierre Nutini  16"x20" 2013

Jack  16"x20"  2015

Jojo  1995  Hawaii

Father Mackey  Chamande 1993

Peter Fisk   Headmaster Westminister, Conn.                     1989.

"Stevey Nicks" 2016

Bethany 16"x20" 2014

In 2012 I was fortunate to spend a week with Glen Campbell and his family, I painted small portraits of several grandchildren and his daughter , Ashley, and a live portrait of Glen on the front porch

"Henry" 2019

Principle of Keene High School  Mr Napolli  1989

Self Portrait   1979.

Lily  16"x20" 2013

John Luoma  20"x24"  1976

Patty Hastie   I was commisioned by Alex Payne director of  the movie the Decendants   to do this Portrait for the movie in which she played George Cloonys wife 2010.

" Joe  "   1981  Jamacia  Vermont

" ME and THE BOYS" 1981

"Hugh Q Morton " 1995   Dad

"Bobby Lynn"  2016

Father Chaminade @ Chaminade University 1998

John Luoma"  1976.

Ray Young  1981   Vermont